Wednesday, September 8, 2010

rimini cardigan, distant chirping chemise, bensimon elastique

Bensimon Elastique, golden loom, sz 36

Distant Chirping Chemise, neutral motif, xs

Rimini Cardigan, cobblestone, xs

Rimini Cardigan, in-store only color?, xs, $54.99

Just got back from vegas/LA trip. while in LA, dropped by the century city madewell. snagged a pair of Bensimon Elastique in golden loom for 19.99. IRL pics to come!

We of course dropped by the neighboring jc store, too! what a find! For 54.99 i had to snatch the rimini in-store only color. and, i adored the cobblestone too much to let it go, esp at 20 promo. i paired the cobblestone color with Anthropologie's Distant Chirping Chemise. More pics soon.


  1. I love both colors of the Rimini on you! Because we seem to be the same size I have ordered several items based on your recommendaton! How are you wearing the Merino Shirred cardi? I have it in Vintage Wisteria. THANKS...and please keep up the wonderful reviews!


  2. hi Jeannie!! aww you make me blush; thank you for your kindness! :D

    i wore the Merino Shirred cardi many (many) times during my recent trip to vegas/LA. i too own it in the Vintage Wisteria color (so pretty right?)! paired a girly colorful floral cami underneath with shorts and yellow wedges! how about you? how do you wear 'em? :)