Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dot chiffon Betsy wrap cami

Dot chiffon Betsy wrap cami, champagne, sz 0

tried this item in store about a month ago and adored the fabric and pattern but price was listed too high for me at $69.50. when i saw the price dropped to 39.99 in stores last week, ordered my size thru red phone with complimentary shipping. it runs a bit bigger. consider sizing down. wish i ordered the 00 for a more fitted fit, but i think this piece will work well for those who like a slouchier casual look.

do you own this piece? i'd love to hear how you wear 'em! :)


  1. I don't own it, but may soon now after seeing how cute it is on!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics. I added your link to my post on this top. It looks cute on you & I like it w/those pants from what I can see :-)

  3. Pamela, i think you'll like the material and style! very cute and elegant! :)

    Gigi, thanks for linking! hope this helps someone debating about this item! :) those are some shorts i threw on to hide my pajamies under heheh, thanks! :D

  4. Oh I've been on the fence about this one for a while now (it's not like I need it). I just want it but am so nervous about ordering the wrong size since it's FS! I guess I'm going to size down.

    Thanks for posting and I think the top looks just adorable and perfect on you.

  5. IRL, i'm so glad to hear the post may help you decide on an item and sizing! :) i set out this blog to help others just like how others have helped me! :) i'll pair this betsy wrap with an outfit and try to post 'outfit of the day' pics soon! :D

  6. May I ask how tall are you, and what size top do you usually take? I tried this in a 0 (I usually take size 2) and it still fitted too large.

    The store I went to last night had no size smaller than 6!

  7. Hi Rose,

    i'm barely 5'4"; normally xs, or sz 0. The betsy wrap runs a bit larger and wish i sized down to 00. unfortunately, 00 ran out so quickly!

    after price drop the smallest size my store carried was size 10, so i ordered online for my usual size 0. my guess is if an item runs in sz 00, it may run larger? let me know how it turns out for you. thank you! :)