Tuesday, August 31, 2010

(many) pics from the fitting room

Textured jersey tee, xs, color unknown

Eiffel Tower Paris Tee, not available online?, xs

Vintage bateau top, olive green, xs

Confetti ruffle cami, vintage wisteria, sz 0

unIDed ruffle henley, xs

(?) graphic tee, s

merino shirred cardigan, vintage wisteria, xs

Rimini cardigan, nutmeg, xs

Dream drape-v sweater, wild plum, xs

Stadium cloth Sasha peacoat, heather grey, sz 0

perfect-fit mixed-tape cardigan, rosewood, xs

i've just written the first of board exams last week so here i am with tons of free time! what to do? shop, what else? :) i practically raided one of my local store and tried on some items (should they go on deeper cuts). i walked home with the merino shirred cardigan in vintage wisteria (that color really is so lovely) for 34.99, Dot chiffon Betsy wrap cami in champagne for 39.99, and the textured jersey tee because of the adorable yellow-orange color. Beware of the confetti ruffle cami, it runs a little big, consider sizing down. note: the Dot chiffon Betsy wrap cami is not pictured because store didn't have my size. ordered through red phone and got price matched (online now shows 39.99, too) and waived shipping. yay! :D

also, if anyone can help me ID the unIDed item, thank you! :)

alert: Ikat dot blazer price drop, now 59.99.

hope this helps someone! please, enjoy!


  1. Eggytarty is such a briiliant name, thanks for the pics!

  2. Great pics! The Merino Shirred Cardigan looks a lot better on you than it does on me - glad it worked out for you! I can't stop raving over the Vintage Wisteria color and think it works especially well with olive skin tones. I found the Peekaboo Sequin Cardi on sale today and grabbed it, lol.

    I have the unIDed ruffle henley in the ivory color; from what I can see its style number is 29685.

  3. omg! you are a crazy shopping girl! are u gonna keep all these or return them all except one? and i think you should be a model ...btw keep all of them, they look fabulous on you!