Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mixed-tape perfect cardigan & bensimon elastique

bensimon elastique in club navy, sz k4

mixed-tape perfect cardigan in bronzed twig, xs

ordered the perfect-mixed tape cardigan in navy, sandy brown, rosewood, and bronzed twig. loving the texture, grosgrain contrast, pockets and length! wish they came in more colors. one of the better quality casual cardi's in a long time.

jc was having the 20% off knits and tees, priced as marked, sale when they added the 30% off final sale promo. shortly after i ordered these the 20 promo came down and back to original price these went. during the 30 promo, i was able to snag the crewcut (in size K4) bensimons elastique in deep blueberry, club navy, and warm burgundy for less than $25 each. and, the zip-side sweatshirt in heather charcoal (loved the dark cloud too much not to get the other color) for $36. steal!

my first irl post. can't wait to post more in the future. thanks MDPA! your question encouraged this post! :D


  1. The cardigan looks great on you! Thanks for sharing. I think I will try this in bronzed twig and rosewood. I have the perfect-fit boatneck tee in both of these colors and LOVE them. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for your post.
    I like your choices.
    Also like with the shorts. Which ones are they?

  3. Love your blog! I am a new follower. Looking forward to reading more! :)

  4. hi penny,

    the shorts are a jc item i found at one of my local store. i tried looking for the piece online but can't seem to find it. i'd imagine it's an older season item that got returned. the belted area and pockets has a black grossgrain-like contrast material giving it a very tuxedo look. i love it because it can be dressed up in heels or down with some bensimon's. very versatile piece. if i ever come across the style, item no. etc, i'll keep you posted. thanks for visiting! :)